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New Study Finds Removing Tonsils May Help Children with Sleep Apnoea…

It has been found that enlarged tonsils and adenoids are a major cause of sleep apnoea in children…

A new study conducted by Harvard Medical School has found that after removing tonsils or adenoids in children with sleep apnoea, it helped the children sleep and enhance their behaviour. This means that tonsils could be a major cause for your restless and frustrated child, as sleep apnoea is a significantly dangerous condition.

What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping condition that causes abnormal breathing patterns during sleep, and can sometimes even completely block the airway, causing the brain to manually kick-start the breathing process, which can wake the child up hundreds of times a night! With earlier studies associating sleep apnoea with mental disorders including ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) this is an issue that should not be ignored.

At ENT Surgeons of Melbourne our surgeons are dedicated to helping your child…

Our surgeons have children of their own, and understand how the child may be feeling. Understanding that surgery is a scary and daunting thing for a child, our elite surgeons will always do their best to help calm your child prior to their surgery. If your child requires their tonsils out, whether to alleviate sleep apnoea or recurring episodes of tonsillitis, our surgeons can help.

How much down time will there be for my child after they have their tonsils out?

In some cases children under five years of age are suitable to go home the same day after surgery, however those aged between 5 and 15 will need to be assessed for their rate of recovery after the procedure.

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