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Small plastic tubes created especially for your child’s ear, grommets allow a small incision made within the eardrum to remain open for ideal air-flow and fluid drainage…

Grommets are small plastic tubes made specifically to fit your child’s ear, and their primary function is to keep open an incision made in the eardrum to counteract glue ear. By maintaining the open incision within the eardrum, the grommet allows proper air circulation within the middle ear and permits a more optimal drainage system of the middle ear. Without a grommet, the incision within the eardrum would generally heal and close within 48 hours.

How long will my child need the grommets for?

The treatment duration varies from patient to patient, however in a general sense grommets tend to be pushed out by the eardrum over the course of several months. Depending on the grommet tube used, treatment time can typically take 6-12 months or 12-18 months for more complex cases.

What should I expect for my child’s recovery?

While the operation is conducted under a brief general anaesthetic and most patients commonly experience minimal pain, it is a possibility your child may experience some slight pain after the operation. Generally your child will only need about two hours in hospital once their operation is complete before they are ready for discharge. After the surgery there may be some slight bleeding in the ear, which is normal.

Depending on the rate of your child’s recovery, your child should go back to normal activities fairly quickly, and in most cases they are ready to go back to school the following day. If your child still hasn’t fully recovered, keep them home the following day after surgery so they can rest.

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